Figuring out I didn't need to impress God has changed my faith-life, how I live in my daily life, the weight of my soul in the presence of my loving Lord, how I think about God and serving Him. Basically everything! Freedom changed me. It can change you too. Get free with me.

What's a paper tiger?

pa*per ti*ger

(noun) - a person or thing that appears threatening but is ineffectual. 

It feels like a paper tiger is going to eat you alive, but it isn't really dangerous. It has no teeth. It is paper.

What were the paper tigers in my life? 1. I thought I could impress God by being good and doing good. 2. I was stuck in the rut of people pleasing. I wanted to impress people with a false impression of who I was. 3. I had been working my head off serving in ministry, and I felt like God would be disappointed in me if I didn't do well.

Letting go of these wrong, dysfunctional ideas about God led me to freedom!

Do you need freedom? Are you motivated by fear instead of love?

The Paper Tigers series on the Devopod

I've created a 5-day devotional podcast around the idea of paper tigers. Give it a listen.

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