What's Your Word of the Year?

Last year was the first time I participated in the Word of the Year.  I found my word reading a book about Alexander Hamilton, and I knew it was something I needed in my life.

I love the idea of picking a word for the year.  It helps you focus your goals and actions all year long.

This year I am having trouble deciding on a word, so I created this nifty 2-page worksheet to help you and me decide on a word for 2017.

All you need to do is subscribe to my blog, and you can download the worksheet that will take you through 6 steps to finding your word.

If you've already got a word for 2017 or if my worksheet helps you discover one, let us know by commenting below.  We can cheer each other on as we find our focus for 2017.

I'm going to post my word on Thursday, and next week, I'll be sharing some things I learned because of my 2016 word.

Once you've found your word, there are so many ways to display your word to keep it on your mind.  

Fun word display ideas:

  • A Giving Key - Custom words are free right now (regularly $5.)  They give meaningful employment to homeless individuals in California.

  • Get yourself some marquee letters & spell out your word in your home or office.

  • Check Amazon for your word.  They may have vinyl wall stickers or metal wall hangings with your word that would look just right in your home.

Join the fun.  Find your word.  Go ahead and enter your email to subscribe to my blog, and I'll send you the Word of the Year Worksheet right into your inbox.