Brand New Podcast

What are you doing?  That's the question my friend Kaylie & I will be answering each week on our brand new podcast, What Are You Doing?.

We are going to get fun and conversational about all the real things happening in our lives, and we are going to assume you can probably relate.  Because the fact that life gets real is universal, right?

Our fist episode is on iTunes now, and we are talking about workouts.  What counts as an actual workout?  What motivates you to get to the gym?  Does stretching for an hour count?

We are also going to be carrying the conversation over to Instagram.  This week we want to hear from you.  Does cardio make you want to take a nap, like Kaylie?  

And if you want to be my very bestest friend, you will leave us a rating or review on iTunes. That feedback helps other listeners find us so our What Are You Doing community can grow.

Thank you for listening!