Five Minute Friday - DOOR

Don't know what Five Minute Friday is?  It's this crazy, fun writing exercise where you are given a one-word prompt on Thursday night, you set a timer, and write away for only five short minutes.  There's this wonderful community of writers that participate every week.  You can find them on Twitter by searching #FMFparty.  Five Minute Friday is quick and fun, like fast food writing practice.  Find out more here.  This week's prompt is DOOR.  So, timer set...

Ready?  GO!

I was thinking about doors and I remembered a funny joke I once heard.  This comedian said, “You can’t have a real fight in a tent, because when you leave the tent, you can’t slam the door.”

It’s funny because it’s true.  That little zipper is frustrating in many ways.  It never is in the right place at night.  So you end up searching for it.

That zipper could never be satisfying in the way that closing a door on something could be.

A door actually separates you from something.  There is an substantial object dividing you.

One of the fun parts of camping is being so close to nature, even when you are sleeping.  You have the whole, beautiful world just a thin plastic fabric away.  You can hear all the sounds and smell all the smells.  It’s a time where we get away from our sterile, separate life and enjoy God’s amazing creation.

It makes me want to go camping right now, and hopeful not fight with anyone.



      **The comedian was Mitch Hedberg