"For the Love" by Jen Hatmaker

I LOVE Jen Hatmaker.  Her book 7 had a huge impact on my life in ministry and was such an encouragement when we were feeling God call us to adoption from Ethiopia.  And her book Interrupted was full of truth about ministry and verified so many choices that our family made beginning Citychurch.  It was so interesting to read how God worked in some of the same ways in the Hatmaker's life as God had worked in our lives.

When Jen (I'm going to just refer to her as Jen - like we are buddies) put up that she was releasing a new book and needed 500 people to read it early and help promote it, I jumped at the chance.  I filled out a short application.

It turns out 5,000 people had jumped at the same chance.

Jen sent out an email that she would love to give a book to all 5,000 people, but her publisher couldn't do it.  They want to make money or something.  Imagine that.

What she could do is email out four chapters for the 4,500 people who didn't get their application in first, and she did.

I feel so cool that I got to read those 4 chapters before the release date in August.  Yay for Jen and being one of those 4,500.

Let me tell you how reading those 4 chapters went.  I laughed.  I laughed more.  I cried laughing tears.  I laughed more.  I took a bathroom break because I've had 3 kids, and I didn't want to pee my pants.  Then Jen got serious and talked about church.  And I said amen about a dozen times.

You're gonna want this book.

Then, because this is something I do to my husband, I read chunks of it to him.  Poor guy.  I've read him about a dozen books, including Jen Hatmaker's Interrupted.

Before you feel sorry for him, he knew what he was getting into.  Here's a picture of me subjecting him to a fiction book before we got married.  I was worried about him because all he liked to read was technical manuals from computers and software.

He had plenty of time to back out at this point.

He had plenty of time to back out at this point.

I honestly feel bad about doing this to him.

But I can't help myself.

So here's my advice to you.  Go ahead and pre-order Jen's book, that way you can fend me off when I try to start reading it to you.

What?  You haven't left to pre-order it.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Here's what my friend Jen said in her new book re: fashion.

"Leggings-As-Pants (LAP) is permissible if the following rule is obeyed:  Your privates are covered by a shirt, sweater, or dress.  Privates are heretofore understood as areas north of upper thigh and south of muffin top.  I don't want to see your hinterlands.  I don't want to know the shape of your underwear (or that you aren't wearing any).  I can't handle this knowledge.  I am just shopping at Target and I feel like I've gotten to second base with you."

OH MY.  My buddy Jen is funny.  And wise.  Check out what she said re: parenting.

"We should not cushion every blow.  This is life.  Learning to deal with struggle and to develop responsibility is crucial.  A good parent prepares the child for the path, not the path for the child.  We can still demonstrate gentle and attached parenting without raising children who melt on a warm day."

I #Love every bit of this.  I cannot wait to read the rest of #FortheLove!  And you better read it too - or I'll be there - reading it to you.