Five Minute Friday - HIDE

Don't know what Five Minute Friday is?  It's this crazy, fun writing exercise where you are given a one-word prompt on Thursday night, you set a timer, and write away for only five short minutes.  There's this wonderful community of writers that participate every week.  You can find them on Twitter by searching #FMFparty.  Five Minute Friday is quick and fun, like fast food writing practice.  Find out more here.  This week's prompt is HIDE.  So, timer set...

Ready?  GO!

I do this thing to make people happy.  That thing is hiding my true feelings.  I’m a people pleaser with two capital p’s.  

If it means not offending someone, even someone I don’t like, even someone drunk who won’t remember me or how I acted, even someone who is treating me badly, I will hide, hide, hide my true feelings.

The tricky thing about this is that I don’t have the best poker face.  I don’t have one at all.  My face gives me away, every single time.  I’m sure of it.

The sad thing is I honestly don’t know if I would wish for a more open, honest dialog to come freely from my mouth or a better poker face.

If I didn’t hide, would I say things I might regret later?

Would giving up people pleasing make me any happier?

Am I really hiding from others or myself when I hide my thoughts and feelings?

I don't know.  If I did know would I say so or just hide?