Five Minute Friday - TOMORROW

Don't know what Five Minute Friday is?  It's this crazy, fun writing exercise where you are given a one-word prompt on Thursday night, you set a timer, and write away for only five short minutes.  There's this wonderful community of writers that participate every week.  You can find them on Twitter by searching #FMFparty.  Five Minute Friday is quick and fun, like fast food writing practice.  Find out more here.  This week's prompt is TOMORROW.  So, timer set...

Ready?  GO!

There’s a song by written as a collaboration between two of my favorite indie artists Ben Kweller and Guster.  The title and chorus lyric says “I hope tomorrow is like today.”

The truth is that tomorrow usual is like another version of today in most people’s lives.  When you have children, husbands, and consistent, stable lives, the days are all a series of similar days.

As I think about tomorrow, I think about what we need to accomplish everyday and what I didn’t get done today that will have to wait for tomorrow.  Sometimes that can be daunting, the same chores and activities repeated.  But usually it is refreshing, it’s the life I’ve worked hard to build and it’s the life I love.

Serving my family, home educating my boys, loving my husband are all things that I take pride in.

So it may surprise you, it may sound crazy, but I do hope tomorrow is like today.