Five Minute Friday - BREAK

Don't know what Five Minute Friday is?  It's this crazy, fun writing exercise where you are given a one-word prompt on Thursday night, you set a timer, and write away for only five short minutes.  There's this wonderful community of writers that participate every week.  You can find them on Twitter by searching #FMFparty.  Five Minute Friday is quick and fun, like fast food writing practice.  Find out more here.  This week's prompt is BREAK.  So, timer set...

Ready, GO

Last summer I went on a mission trip to Ethiopia.  We visited several orphanages.  One of the orphanages we visited was the older girls’ government orphanage.  While I was there, a girl named Jicma (her name sounds similar to the veggie jicama) gave me one of those rubber band bracelets she had made.  



I wore it a lot when I first came home, but lately the bands have been breaking one by one.  The rubber is getting brittle.  I have been leaving it in my bathroom by the sink.  I see it and remember to pray for Jicma and the other orphans in Ethiopia.  

Sometimes when our worldly possessions break, we are sad.  We are sad for the loss.

When those bands have broken, I try to remember that the lack of durablity to our worldly possessions remind of how permanent heaven will be.

This is good news for Jicma.  Her possessions are few.  Her lack of family must be heartbreaking.

Someday if Jicma is in heaven with me, we will have nothing left broken, nothing left to break.

Pray with me that that will be the case.  Pray for Jicma.