Simply Tuesday, Simply Yes!

I was introduced to Emily P. Freeman by my friend Kaylie Hodges.  She has been a fan of Emily’s books and blog for a while.  Kaylie and I went to the Faith and Culture Writers Conference in Portland this past April, Emily was one of the key speakers.  And now I am a fan too.

At the conference, Emily shared the idea of the bench.  In that moment, it was like a cup of cool water to my soul.  The majority of that weekend we had been listening to talks about blogging, social media, book proposals, and of course platform.

This is what Emily says about benches in her book.

In my work, when I see all the reasons why what they’re doing over there is more important, impactful, and effective than what I’m doing over here, I’m tempted to make the platform wider and put brighter lights in the bulbs because I have to dazzle, you know. I am determined to make my work the best, the most excellent. When I want to climb the ladder, what if instead I tore the ladder apart and used the wood to build a bench?
— Emily P. Freeman, Simply Tuesday

Emily’s changed the vocabulary for me, and it has changed my whole outlook as a writer.

This is what Emily shared in her talk at the conference.  When we have a bench instead of a platform, we are at eye level and we can share a conversation instead of yelling our message.  We can also practice generosity by writing like a hostess to those who join us on a bench.

After those graceful words from Emily, I was very excited to read her book Simply Tuesday when it came out in this summer.

When I found out that (in)courage was going to be hosting a book club that included Periscopes with Emily, I was so eager to join in.

Let me just explain that the book is organized extremely well.  It has 5 parts, each part with three chapters.  The accountant in me loves this little detail.  The 5 parts are:  discovering your Tuesday home, embracing your Tuesday work, finding our Tuesday people, accepting our Tuesday soul, and seeing beyond Tuesday.

For the Hustle-Free Periscope Book Club, Emily did 5 periscopes on five consecutive Tuesdays covering one part of the book each week.

I absolutely love the fact that Emily took the busiest, most distracting, form of social media, and she made it into a bench where she could share her ideas of small-moment living.

My favorite part of the periscope broadcast was on week 3, finding our Tuesday people.  She shared an idea about God that I had never thought about before.  She said this.

God Himself is community. He not just makes community easy. God in His very nature is a community. And He has placed his community within me. So what might it mean for me to move towards other people and allow them to be themselves as I am fully myself. Just a couple days ago, my husband John said something. He said, ‘When Christ in me stirs Christ in you, that’s a real connection. That’s community.’
— Emily P. Freeman, Hustle-Free Book Club

I love that idea.

Emily made a point in the book about ordinary that I love also.

Emily chose the title Simply Tuesday because Tuesday is really the least special of all the days, the most ordinary.

In chapter two, Emily pointed out that the word ordinary comes from the word ordinal, which means to count.  She then goes on to share some thoughts on how every Tuesday counts and how to live well on ordinary time so that your Tuesdays count for something more than ordinary.  She says this.

To live well in ordinary time is to believe within the deepest part of who I am that wherever I go, I don’t go alone.... Let’s gently poke our sleepy souls, refusing to wait for a big event to wake us up. Let’s stop running from ordinary time but begin to sit in the midst of it.
— Emily P. Freeman, Simply Tuesday

Emily’s writing is beautiful, profound, and calming.  If you relate to the words hustle, weary, busy, comparison, or pressure, or if you find yourself becoming resentful of the simple, ordinary life that you are in right now, I encourage you to read Simply Tuesday and drink in the wisdom of this book.

     Just look how many sections I've flagged.  It's full of good stuff.

     Just look how many sections I've flagged.  It's full of good stuff.

Also, if you are interested in watching the videos of Emily from each of the 5 parts of the book, they are still online on the (in)courage website.

What about you, did you read Simply Tuesday and have a favorite part?  Please comment below!  We can sit on this bench and discuss it together.