Shop Sweet 3: Making your Christmas dollars count in a more meaningful way

The last two years I have posted great ways that you could spend your Christmas money in wonderful ways, supporting adoptions, supporting missions, or buying fair trade items.  I've got a new list for Christmas 2015!

Your dollar can be powerful, and we spend a lot of dollars this time of year.

Again this Christmas, I have made a decision try to make my dollars count in a more meaningful way.  I'm going to buy many of my Christmas gifts from families raising money for international adoptions, companies who employ under-resourced workers, companies who cycle profits into vulnerable communities, retailers making a difference, and local small businesses.

Before you head off to the mall this Christmas, consider purchasing some of these gifts that will give back to communities that need our support.

Bonus sweetness:  When you buy a present from Amazon (most of us will), use AmazonSmile.  All you have to do is click a link to AmazonSmile before you shop, and a percentage of your purchase is donated to the charity you choose to support.  Personally I have been supporting our adoption agency AWAA.  This is link to support AWAA through AmazonSmile.  Use the link every time you shop at Amazon this holiday season.

You can find adoption fundraisers to support this Christmas by searching "adoption fundraiser" on Etsy or you can join the FaceBook group "Gifts for Adoption."

If you want more gift ideas, Kaylie and I podcasted about this topic on The Re:Podcast this week.  Kaylie had some cool companies to recommend.


Here are some other gift ideas I like:

1.  Lucky Rains Coffee Mug $18,

2.  Color by Nature Twig Pencils $18,

3.  Droplet necklace $42,

4.  Tea Towel, Fitzgerald Hand-Screen Printed $24,


1.  Crossover Cuff, Gold $16,

2.  Cord Taco, $9,

3.  "This shirt has a story" Tee, $20,

4.  Brave Bracelet, $7-$59,


1.  Fingerless gloves $22,

2.  Baby shoes $36,

3.  Blush Peony Enchantment Headband $12,

4.  Abundantly Above Print $15, #sentprints


1.  Love is an Action mug $14,

2.  Act Justly Tee $25,

3.  Doorbell House $32,

4.  Apostle graphic novel $15, Voice of the Martyrs


1.  BioLite CampStove $129,

2.  Maple watch $45,

3.  Moss pinwheel square satchel $72,

4.  Recycled Sari Throw Blanket $79,


1.  Desert Rope Necklace $46,

2.  Golden Grace Bundle $98, Trades of Hope, contact Rachel Clark

3.  "We Have this Hope" Art Print $12,

4.  Shea Soap - Orange Ginger $5,


Don't forget about this week's episode of The Re:Podcast - Shopping, socially-minded gift ideas.

Happy shopping & Merry Christmas!


Don't forget about AmazonSmile!  Use it every time you shop at Amazon.

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