I'm sorry pj pants, you are the biggest loser.

Here's my new year's resolution.

Wear pj pants less.

I'm a home school mom, and that means we are at home most days.  So I've gotten into a bad habit of just getting up and doing school in pj pants.  Usually I'll change into a different t-shirt and brush my hair, but let to pj pants stay.  Cause they are that comfy friend that makes the party seem chill.  Who's sending that friend home for jeans?

Well I've decided I need to.  It affects my mood.

In pj pants, I'm all like, "Shucks, we'll do that spelling and grammar tomorrow.  I think the Good Wife is still on my DVR.  We can just read history and call it a day."

A few days of the week we have places we have to be in late afternoon - like Bible club on Wednesday at 3:00.  Ten minutes before we leave, I'm throwing on pants, shoes, and fixing my hair (for real this time.)

I started noticing that every time I put on decent clothing, my son Andrew would say, "Are we going somewhere?"

After this happened ten or thirty times, I started to resent it.  This 11 year old kid is pointing out that I dress like a slob at home.  Then, I lost it.

A: "Mom, are we going somewhere."
Me: "No!!!!!!  I'll show you going somewhere."

It wasn't really that bad, but it was bad.  My heart wasn't right.

So that's my resolution for this year.  I'm going to get dressed.  What kind of lazy bum have I become?  Ambition use to be one of the words I would put on job applications.

Can I say that Jesus is refining me?

No, better not blame that one on Jesus.

So how resolved am I?  Well, I'm writing this in pj pants.  Ha!

Ok, I'm going to get dressed.  Right.  Now.

****Bonus, if you can comment that I've confirmed all your home school stereotype suspicions.  Extra bonus if you are a public school teacher.  Jk, love ya teach.  Some of my best friends are public school teachers.****