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The problem, however, is that you inevitably find, as I did, something still missing. In fact, the spirituality of most current discipleship models often only adds an additional protective layer against people growing up emotionally. When people have authentic spiritual experiences — such as worship, prayer, Bible studies, and fellowship — they mistakenly believe they are doing fine, even if their relational life is fractured and their interior world is disordered. Their apparent ‘progress’ then provides a spiritual reason for not doing the hard work of maturing. They are deceived. I know. I lived that way for almost seventeen years. Because of the spiritual growth in certain areas of my life and in those around me, I ignored the glaring signs of emotional immaturity that were everywhere in and around me.

— Peter Scazzero, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

5 Books That Helped Me HeaL:

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Shame over our emotions, our fear, is detrimental to our soul and relationship with God. Our fear does not surprise or alarm God. He created us with emotions, and He experiences emotions. It’s easy to think we can just turn to God whenever we have fear, but if we are so ashamed of our fear that we want to hide away from God, how can we seek His help? 

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Unfamiliar Changes Are Harder Than Time Consuming Familiar Changes (Why Taking A Walk Is Hard)

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I’ve changed my Instagram name. I wrote a blog post explaining all my thoughts and how the last few years has lead to this change.

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My Write 31 Days series is about the internal spiritual battle — lies from the enemy and negative-self talk in my head. For the next 31 days, I’ll be sharing lies that I believed, how those beliefs based in fallacy affected me and my ability to follow Jesus, how I decided to quit believing the lies, and how powerful embracing the truth can be in our lives.

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7 Things I Learned This Summer: Today I shared seven things I learned this summer on my blog. I talk about my love for pencils, how I want to dress like Jane Goodall and Mister Rogers, codependency, giving feedback on writing, how the fruits of the spirit relates to God’s will, and some inspiration from Ruth Bell Graham. 

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I love being a part of hope*writers because I feel encouraged and equipped to be a better writer who is sharing hope with my words online. If you are a writer who needs a community that encourages and equips you, consider joining hope*writers today. Membership is open only for this week.

Writing is a journey.What stage are you in?

Writing and publishing don't have to feel like a unicorn mystery. There is a path and you're already on it.

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Anyone else looking at the date today & saying, “😱When did you get here, September?” I made a printable calendar for my email subscribers for this month, & I’m 😍 the quotes I found to include.

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Best book I’ve ever read. It’s a short book — only around 100 pages, but I flagged 30 different paragraphs. It’s full of deep & simple truth. (Link in profile to order you a copy.)
“But God does not only create us in uniqueness. God meets us in our uniqueness. Think, for example, of the quite different ways Jesus encounters people in the Gospels.... There has never been one standard way to meet God. God meets us in our individuality because God wants to fulfill that individuality. God wants us to follow and serve in and through that individuality. God doesn’t seek to annihilate our uniqueness as we follow Christ. Rather, Christ-following leads us to our truest self.”

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I shared what I’ve learned about God as a Father from our adoption on the blog Beloved Prodigal today. I hope these lessons help you know how much you are loved by the God who sees every exceptional thing about you. 

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Why I need Mister Rogers as an adult, and why your soul will thank you if you continue to allow Mister Rogers to teach you.

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100th Episode of the DevoPod!

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Where are you at on accomplishing your 2018 goals? July 1st will start the second-half of 2018. The halfway mark is always a good time to check-in. I've made you a worksheet that will help you do just that - a mid-year goal check-in worksheet.

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New blog post about anxiety triggers, feeling unseen, and how God sees YOU.

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What You Need To Know About Suicide in the Wake Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain

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"We can model rest to our families, we can prioritize people over projects, and we can enter our work ready to serve with our whole hearts. We can also create a sustainable model of holy hustle that allows us to do the best possible work for God’s kingdom as we choose to intentionally work hard, rest well, and repeat." - Crystal Stine #holyhustlebook 

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I emailed the May calendar to my email subscribers. If you want a copy, click the link in my profile. This month is all about waiting. I kept calendar simple. I know quotes and sayings about hard things like waiting can sound extremely condescending or dismissive when you are in the middle of the hurt.

The May DevoPod is going to be a series about waiting too. Last spring, especially April and May, were really hard months. I was in a season of waiting and hurt. I'll be writing as I process this grasping for gratitude. It might be raw, but I hope it will help me think about last year in a healthier way and help someone else who is feeling the strain and stress of waiting.

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When You Need To Admit You Have Anxiety

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Looking back at winter & forward to spring. Here's what I learned this winter. What I learned includes new lamp shade knowledge because there's nothing in God's world that we cannot be inspired by.

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Merry Christmas from the Lane Family!

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Get quiet & listen ---> advent devotionals on DevoPod.

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Today on the blog I'm sharing what I learned in these beautiful Colorado mountains this fall.

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For several years I've made a list of great gift options that were fair trade and/or sourced from small businesses.

This year, I'm not even going to pretend I don't have a favorite gift source. It's Ethiopia.

Here's twelve beautiful ideas you can gift this holiday plus show some Ethiopia love. Christmas shopping that is fair trade, socially conscious, and awesome.

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"I dare you to trust that God loves you as you are because you're never going to be as you should be. Self-love is a profound act of faith." - Brennan Manning


One of the best things about our trip to the mountains was discovering Brennan Manning. Hear how God loves us creatively, intimately, uniquely, reliably, and tenderly. Do you believe that? Do you believe that God not only loves you but likes you? I dare you to listen.

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Uncovering From My Shame Blanket & Relishing My Robe of Righteousness



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I'm attending the Declare Conference in 10 days, so I'm using Friday Introductions to answer a few questions about me for a Link-up.


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Meet Hezekiah - adoption update.

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I've shared on Instagram a couple times about this book.  It is a must read for anyone who wants to be a heathy member of the body of Christ.  Here's the link to purchase:

LINK ON 3/4/17

Adoption Update.  We have disappointing news about our adoption.

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This week I posted that I was having trouble deciding on a word for 2017.  I made a cute, helpful worksheet for you and I to use in deciding on our word.

Well, my worksheet worked.  I picked a word using my worksheet this morning, and I'm thrilled.

LINK ON 1/3/17

Chosen a WORD for 2017? Need help? I've made a worksheet that helps you choose your word to focus your goals and actions for 2017. I was having trouble deciding for myself, so this worksheet is for both of us. I've also made a sweet list of ideas for displaying your word to keep it on your mind all year long.

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"And the angel said to them, ‘Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people."


Blog post on Great Joy this Christmas Eve.

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Yesterday we partied hard at #citychurchamarillo.  We had parties for kids K to 12th, all in one day.  Joy was spread & fun was had.  Today I have a new #advent post about LOVE.

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We are fighting spiritual warfare, but I need a soldier's reprieve. I need to retreat, to put on the full footie PJs of advent, dust myself off, warm in the glow of His hope and ready myself for another year of the ongoing war. Read my #advent post on #hope.  

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The 2016 Christmas Gift Idea Guide is on the blog today. Your dollar can be powerful. I'm going to buy many of my Christmas gifts from #fair trade companies who employ under-resourced workers, local #smallbiz. Before you head off to the mall this Christmas, consider purchasing some of these gifts that will give back to communities that need our support.

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