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Uncovering From My Shame Blanket & Relishing My Robe of Righteousness



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I'm attending the Declare Conference in 10 days, so I'm using Friday Introductions to answer a few questions about me for a Link-up.


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Meet Hezekiah - adoption update.

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I've shared on Instagram a couple times about this book.  It is a must read for anyone who wants to be a heathy member of the body of Christ.  Here's the link to purchase:

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I love when the Lord makes it obvious where He is at work in the world. I was listening to a sermon podcast from a church that I have no real connection to - found randomly - and the pastor shared about his mission trip with an organization we love and support, @mission.india .  As I was listening, I went to the mailbox & this beautiful Easter card was in my mailbox. The sermon was really great.  Listen & hear what God is doing.

LINK ON 3/4/17

Adoption Update.  We have disappointing news about our adoption.

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This week I posted that I was having trouble deciding on a word for 2017.  I made a cute, helpful worksheet for you and I to use in deciding on our word.

Well, my worksheet worked.  I picked a word using my worksheet this morning, and I'm thrilled.

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Chosen a WORD for 2017? Need help? I've made a worksheet that helps you choose your word to focus your goals and actions for 2017. I was having trouble deciding for myself, so this worksheet is for both of us. I've also made a sweet list of ideas for displaying your word to keep it on your mind all year long.

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"And the angel said to them, ‘Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people."


Blog post on Great Joy this Christmas Eve.

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Yesterday we partied hard at #citychurchamarillo.  We had parties for kids K to 12th, all in one day.  Joy was spread & fun was had.  Today I have a new #advent post about LOVE.

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We are fighting spiritual warfare, but I need a soldier's reprieve. I need to retreat, to put on the full footie PJs of advent, dust myself off, warm in the glow of His hope and ready myself for another year of the ongoing war. Read my #advent post on #hope.  

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The 2016 Christmas Gift Idea Guide is on the blog today. Your dollar can be powerful. I'm going to buy many of my Christmas gifts from #fair trade companies who employ under-resourced workers, local #smallbiz. Before you head off to the mall this Christmas, consider purchasing some of these gifts that will give back to communities that need our support.

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