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We received word yesterday that we had finally have our approval letter from the Ethiopian government. We have been waiting for this letter almost five months. With all of the turbulent news from Ethiopia lately, we have been praying hard that our letter would get signed.

When I opened the email with the news that our letter was signed as a positive approval recommending our family for adoption of Hezekiah, I could hardly continue reading beyond the words "great news" because I was crying tears of joy. I felt so much relief at that moment knowing we were going to be able to bring him home soon!


This approval letter was the last thing we were waiting for before we could get issued a court date. Our agency went to request a court date today, but the judges had meetings scheduled for the rest of the week. We should have news Monday, and if everything goes smooth, we are expecting to begin traveling Friday (a week from tomorrow.) 

I'm excitedly packing and cleaning and making lists and praising God.

Continue to pray for our family as we wait to hear when our court date will be. Pray for smooth travel plans and health as we travel.

I am very thankful to everyone for all the prayers over this five-year adoption journey! I am also thankful to those that supported us financially as we fundraised for this adoption and our three orphan care mission trips to Ethiopia.

God is faithful. God answers prayers. Obedience is the best!