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Fundraising Update

We are past $9,000!  Specifically $9,086!  Only $18,789 to go.

Right now we are working on having a big garage sale at our church's warehouse (so we can be out of the cold.)  We've asked friends to donate stuff they are getting rid of to our sale, and we've started a pretty good pile of stuff.

I'm also listing things for sale on eBay and making crafts to sell.

We still have a few donations from our video trickling in.  I'm so grateful every single time I see one.  I'm honestly over-the-moon grateful when we get a donation from some stranger who doesn't even know our family.  It's humbling and exciting; it makes me so optimistic about the world.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our adoption!  We are just past the 1/3 mark!