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BIG Fundraising Update

We are at $17,473, and I'm calling that 2/3rds funded!  (Please don't burst my bubble and tell me that it isn't all the way to the 2/3 mark.  I can do math.  It's called rounding!)

We had a successful garage sale this weekend.  We are gearing up for a bbq fundraiser this weekend.

The first week of February we are having a paint party fundraiser.  I'm really looking forward to that one.  It sounds like fun!

That weekend we will probably have one last Saturday garage sale.  We still have so much stuff!  Friends were SO generous in donating items for us to sell, after three days of garage sales, I still feel like we haven't made a dent in it!

On top of all this good news, I got a very positive phone call from one of the adoption grants we applied for.  The woman calling was so sweet and encouraging that I actually started bawling.  God is so faithful!  We should know something about that grant in two weeks.

Our family is incredablly thankful for all of our friends and family who have helped out during this process.  We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We are thankful for every gift - big or small, every act of kindness, every prayer, every auction bid or jewelry purchased, every bit of everything that is beginning to add up to being able to have "A" in our home and in our family.  God bless all of you!  Thank you!