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Fundraising Update

Our bake sale plus gift wrapping fundraiser was a great success.  Praise, Jesus.  We raised $595!  That with a few donations-to-the-cause brings us to a total of $ $8,533.  Only $19,342 to go!

We are finally under the $20,000 mark, which mentally feels so much better.  The other morning I woke up with the sweats because I had this fear that I had done the math wrong and we had just gotten under $30,000 and we still had $29,000 to go.  Dear morning brain, please quit it.  Get behind me, Satan.  We are in the teens!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for our friends, family, and even strangers who have given to our adoption.

As I write this, it is Christmas Eve, and I've written about the great joy we are celebrating today on the blog.  Give it a read.