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Melkam Genna!

Today is Christmas in Ethiopia! Somewhere in Ethiopia, our little guy is probably celebrating. 

There is an AWAA Act mission team in Ethiopia this week. They are throwing a Christmas party for the children in the transition home. I know that will be a fun time. 

Pray for the mission team. And pray for all the children celebrating Christmas in Ethiopian orphanages, that they would hear of the love of Jesus today!

Here is some information that our adoption agency sent us: "While the Gregorian calendar celebrates Christmas on the 25th of December, Ethiopia still retains the ancient Julian calendar in which Christmas falls on January 7th (of the Gregorian calendar.) It’s typically a hot summer day and people in towns and villages dress up in their finest to celebrate.  The Ethiopian Christmas is known as Ganna. To say Merry Christmas in Amharic, one can say “Melkam Ganna!” 

Food served at Christmas usually includes injera, a sourdough pancake like bread. Injera serves as both plate and fork. Doro wat, a spicy chicken stew might be the main meal. A piece of the injera is used to scoop up the wat. Baskets decorated beautifully are used to serve the wat.

Many Ethiopians in the common orthodox faith also attend a three hour church service—standing the entire time!"