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Shop Sweet 2: Making your Christmas dollars count in a more meaningful way

Last year I posted a list of great ways that you could spend your Christmas money either supporting adoption or buying fair trade items.  Well I've got a new list for Christmas 2014!

Your dollar can be powerful, and we spend a lot of dollars this time of year.

Again this Christmas I have made a decision try to make my dollars count in a more meaningful way. I'm going to do that by trying to buy many of my Christmas gifts from families raising money for international adoptions, companies who employ under-resourced workers, and companies who cycle profits into vulnerable communities, and retailers making a difference.

Before you head off to the mall this Christmas, consider purchasing some of these gifts that will give back to communities that need our support.

Bonus sweetness:  When you buy a present from Amazon (most of us will), don't forget to use AmazonSmile.  All you have to do is click a link to AmazonSmile before you shop, and a percentage of your purchase is donated to the charity you choose to support.  Personally I have been supporting our adoption agency AWAA.  This is link to support AWAA through AmazonSmile.  I can also recommend that you support Little Miracles International, all of the proceeds will go to care for children in Uganda.  This is the link.  Use the link every time you shop at Amazon this holiday season.

last year 33 this year 32

Support Adopting Families:

yellow bike change purse wristlet

front pocket wallet

adoption t-shirt

come to me turquoise necklace

Ethiopian market art 11x14 print

fox rice filled heat/cold pack children

Fair Trade Products:

twig place card holder

sunspray mirror

hope necklace handmade in Ethiopia from recycled bullet castings

dahlia 31bits necklace

friendship bracelet set from bitsies

large wood + leather bangles

boys button down cars shirt


Side note:  I watched this Indian movie called The Lunch Box on the plane ride back from Ethiopia, and I instantly wanted one of these.  I love the way the metal clacking sounds when they stack and unstack them.  It's just clever and also really adorable.  And I would totally recommend the movie.




(Thanks Cindy Douglas for telling me about this one.)








Support a Non-Profit: 

tri-strand paper bead necklace





act justly womens tee

sevenly gift card
$10 to 100


i am n voice of the martyrs long sleeve t

Don't forget about AmazonSmile!  Use it every time you shop at Amazon.

  • This is link to support America World Adoption Agency.  
  • This is the link to support Little Miracles International.  

List of stores and ministries from gifts above: