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Blog links and new sign design

I can hear the summer is swushing by.  My mission trip to Ethiopia is only one month and 4 days away.  Our mission trip team has begun a blog.  You can find it here.  Right now it has introductions to the team members.  It will be a great place to share about our trip while we are in Ethiopia and when we return.

Pray for our trip.  Pray for provision, pray for our spirit to be right and at peace with the work he will equip us to do, and pray for the children we will encounter.

Our adoption agency has a blog that they post updates concerning the Ethiopia program.  It is a wonderful way to see some of the children and places we will be visiting in Ethiopia. We will be visiting our adoption agency's transition home that is shown in some of the blog posts.  Check out AWAA's blog here.  This blog post is particularly sweet.

We have a new listing in our Etsy store for adoption fundraising.  My husband and I were contacted by a previous customer.  She is a wedding planner, and she had a friend that wanted to propose to his girlfriend on 4th of July.  Since he and his girlfriend were from to different states, he thought it would be romantic to have wooden signs with their home states on them at the proposal.  So these signs are the finished product.  We are now taking orders for custom geographical signs on reclaimed barn wood. Tell your friends.  Here is our Etsy listing.