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Accomplished by God

Last night I had the privilege to hear a beautiful testimony of adoption at the In His Hands Orphan Outreach meeting.  A lovely woman, Cindy Foote, shared her story of adopting three daughters from three different countries.  She shared the joy that came from bringing her family together in such an amazing way, and she shared miracles - straight up, goosebump inducing miracles that have happened in her adoption journey.  But she also shared all the trials and struggles that comes with bringing those children home from such harsh places like institutional orphanages and third world countries.  Not to mention having three girls!  I can only imagine the drama that could unfold under that roof. Her story was so intense that when I was on my way home, I realized that I was so sweaty, I smelled like I had ran around the block 10 times.

This morning I was reading in John, and a scripture jumped out at me that I hadn't really noticed before. (I love when that happens.)  John 3:21 says, "But anyone who lives by the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be shown to be accomplished by God." (HCSB)

That verse is sitting right there under the most know and quoted verse in the Bible, John 3:16.  How do I not already have this memorized?

I immediately wanted that for myself.  I want to live in truth and light.  I want everything I do to be an accomplishment of Him.

I also thought about Cindy.  She had shared her testimony of adoption is such a beautiful way, always pointing back to God doing the work.   I have no doubt that He orchestrated all of it.

It is so encouraging to me.   Right now I am facing so many works in my life that I cannot carry out.  And I don't have to.  God is going to do it.

  • Taking care of the kids for another week and a half, while James is on mission in Africa. - God's doing it.
  • Raising money for my mission trip in August. - God is doing it.
  • Waiting for our adoption to happen - the time to wait is just getting longer and longer. - God is timing it. God is waiting.
  • My mission trip to Ethiopia in August. - God will do it.
  • Parenting a teenage daughter. - God is doing it.
  • Raising another $14,000 for our adoption. - God can handle that.
  • Getting our new house ready for our family and new little guy.  - God will do it.
  • Bringing a little boy from an orphanage to a home someday. - God does that.   He's an expert.

I hope as anyone and everyone sees me working hard to do these things, they will know it is all accomplished by God.  I can't do an inch of it on my own.

What do you need to let God accomplish in your life?  I promise, He can do it.

     More information about In His Hands Orphan Outreach:
In His Hands Orphan Outreach (IHH) is a ministry based in Illinois that is starting a branch in Amarillo, TX.  Their mission is to raise awareness of adoption and to minister to orphans locally and worldwide.
IHH is not affiliated with any one church or denomination.  Instead, they would like all Christians in Amarillo to partner together to help orphans. 
IHH will be meeting monthly at local churches in Amarillo.  Citychurch has the privilege of being the first church to host IHH's monthly meetings.  For the next 5 months, IHH will be meeting at Citychurch, 205 S. Polk, on the second Monday of each month. 
I would like to invite you to come to the meetings.  Each meeting will include someone sharing their adoption story and planning decisions for the ministry.  The next meeting will be Monday, April 14th at 7pm.