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1 Playroom Bigger

We bought a new house.  That sounds incorrect since the house just sold was brand new, and the house we bought was built in 1953.

Whenever we decided to add to our family through adoption a year ago, I really thought we would wait until we had brought our little boy home before we would even consider moving.  But things are slow. With the wait time increasing and increasing and increasing, we decided to go for it now.  We really just needed a playroom since we will have 3 little boys.  So we looked for houses that were one playroom bigger than the house we have now.

James and I both love modern architecture and modern designs.  We look at modern furniture, and think, "Isn't that cool, but that wouldn't fit our house."  So when I saw a mid-century modern house for sale that fit almost all of our needs, I was so excited.

So after looking at lots of houses, making sure we were getting a good deal, doing all the work of getting our house sold, we were able to put an offer on the mid-century modern house.

The best part is, it is bigger AND cheaper than our house now.

God is so good to provide for us.

We close on both houses on April 30th, and then we will be painting and moving in to our new home.

Our new playroom looking into the kitchen and living room.  I love those windows!
And there is so much room to set up toy trains!