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Today is a big day in our adoption! AND your prayer is requested. AND good news.


Today is the day.  Our dossier is being mailed to Ethiopia today.  We mailed our dossier to our agency on December 18th while we were visiting my family in Ft. Worth.  They double checked all our paperwork, translated it, and today all that paperwork we worked on for SO long is being sent to Ethiopia.

We have a DTE (Dossier to Ethiopia) date like a real adoption family.  From now on we can say our DTE date is 1/3/14.  I feel so real, so official.

We are officially entering the waiting stage of our adoption.  We are on the list.  So let me share our pictures.  This is a big deal, so humor me.

James and I saying goodbye to our precious pile of paperwork.

Dear FedEX, this package is special.
James in line.  The man working the counter definitely thought we were too giddy for a FedEx store during the holiday rush.


After sending off our dossier on the 18th, before our dossier could be mailed to Ethiopia today, a news story pops up on Facebook from the website with the title "Stakeholders, Public has to end Foreign Adoption."  Yeah.

It didn't take long for our agency to send us an email letting us know what they knew about what was going on in Ethiopia.  They let us know that there had been a multiday meeting with officials and public stakeholders discussing issues Ethiopia has had with adoption.  They ended the meeting deciding to have a strategic plan in ten days.  There were discussions about closing foreign adoption at the meeting, but most of the discussion was about reforming adoption laws.  There is no doubt that there have been some cases of corruption and abuse.

Our agency set up a conference call with all the families adopting yesterday.  They shared all the information they had and allowed questions.  We still do not have any concrete information, but they hope by January 13th we will know more.

Please pray with me!  Pray for the little boy God has for us.  Pray that closing foreign adoption to Ethiopia will not happen, for the sake of those approximately 12,000 little ones in orphanages right now   that are hoping for families.

It is scary to hear the word "closing" at all, but I know God is faithful.

"Weak may be our feet, but almighty is God’s right hand. Rough may be the road, but Omnipotence is our upholding. We may boldly go forward. We shall not fall. Let us lean continually where all things lean. God will not withdraw His strength, for His righteousness is there as well. He will be faithful to His promise, and faithful to His Son, and therefore faithful to us. How happy we ought to be! Are we not so?" -Charles Spurgeon


One of our West Texthiopian friends accepted a referral yesterday of two brothers from Ethiopia, and they will be beginning the court process to adopt those precious two boys.  I won't share the whole story yet, but when she post a blog about it, I will definitely be sharing it.  I will say that their story is an amazing testimony to the faithfulness of God in the adoption journey He calls us to, and it was a big, big encouragement to me.

The other good news is my little brother is having a boy!  I was so excited to find out that my brother is having a son yesterday.  My brother Jason has two daughters, 10 and 6, and they were surprised to find out in October that they were expecting again.  Jason is one of my favorite guys.  He's quiet, funny, insightful, mechanical, patient, an excellent dad, and he loves cars.  My strongest memories of him as a kid involve him and hot wheels.  He has always loved cars, and he has the speeding tickets to prove it.  I'm excited that he will have a little boy to play cars with.  Jason would be playing with cars with or without a little boy, so it's nice God finally gave him a playmate.

A few years ago, I thought our family tree was pretty much filled in for this generation, but God has surprised us with a few more boy branches on our tree.  We have much to be thankful for.  Praise God.

"Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him." Psalm 127:3