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Shop Sweet: Make your Christmas shopping dollars count in a more meaningful way

Your dollar can be powerful. I don't know about you, but during Christmas I have a lot of dollars going my door. We spend a lot of money this time of year.

This Christmas I have made a decision try to make my dollars count in a more meaningful way.  I'm going to do that by trying 
to buy many of my Christmas gifts from families raising money for international adoptions, companies who employ under-resourced workers, and companies who cycle profits into vulnerable communities, and retailers making a difference.

I've compiled a list of great gifts I've found that meet these qualifications.

Gotta make the joke; if you love buying scarves, you'll be set!  But seriously, I have over 30 gifts below that are varied as they are charitable.

Before you head off to the mall this Christmas, consider purchasing some of these gifts that will give back to communities that need our support.

Families raising money for international adoptions:

  • This families is selling t-shirts and the proceeds actually go to orphanage supplies. The Heckart family lives here in the panhandle of Texas, and they are on our agency's list hoping to adopt siblings from Ethiopia. 

$15.00 ($7.50 goes to orphan supplies.)

Click here to buy Radical Obedience t-shirt. 
  • The Anglin Family are from Lubbock, Texas, and they are on our agency's list to adopt from Ethiopia as well. They are selling jewelry and t-shirts to raise money for their adoption.


Click here to buy the hammered copper cuff bracelet.

$25.00 (Comes in Red/Light Blue or Green/Dark Blue)

Click here to buy the Love Africa Tee.

  • This family is adopting two children from the Congo. She has some cute pillowcases for sale in her Etsy shop. You just gotta love the fox print. She also has bears, owls, boats, Hawaiian print, elephants, bike print, and more. And she offers gift wrapping for $4.

Click here to buy Flannel What Does Fox Say Pillowcases.

  • This family is adopting a child from South Africa. I love this set of three wooden signs for a boys room.

Click here to buy wooden boys room signs.

  • The Pranther family is on our Agency's list to adopt from Ethiopia. She has cute scarves for boys for sell in her Etsy shop. Her shop also includes some cute hats and headbands.

Click here to buy the infinity scarf for boys. 

  • Ordinary Hero apparel.  The Daigle family is adopting from our agency.  They are requesting a boy age 2-8.  When you check out, choose Laurie Daigle as the affiliate name, and 40% of your purchase goes toward the Daigle adoption!

Click here to buy jacket.

Other gifts from good sources:

  • Sseko sandals from Come Together Trading.  Sseko sandals are crafted from handmade leather by women in Uganda. The base is sold separately from the straps, and is available in Women's 5-11. Sseko \say-ko\ Designs was created to help bright young women continue their education.
$39.00 for base, Straps $10-16

Click here to buy Sseko sandals.

  • Miniature Wooden Animals in a Banana Fiber Box from Come Together Trading. Made in Kenya.

Click here to buy wooden animals.

  • Tree of Life Trivet from Come Together Trading. Made in Saharanpur, a city in northern India that is a traditional center of wood carving, this trivet is created by an artisan who recently began working on his own designs, thanks to fair trade sales. Asha Handicrafts has been a leading fair trade organization in India for over 30 years. Asha, which in Sanskrit means hope, is a non-profit organization that was started in 1975 with the mandate to Trade, Train & Transform. Committed to the values of preserving the diverse craft traditions of India and ensuring a fair wage for artisans, Asha's model is to do business in a way that transforms lives. Today, Asha is impacting the lives of hundreds of artisans, working with more than fifty cooperatives and family workshops throughout India.

Click here to buy trivet.

  • Women's jackets from Rising International. Handmade by Nepalese women. Nepal is a country that is especially venerable to slave trade and trafficking women.

Click here to buy jacket.

  • The Open Arms shop in Austin, Texas. Every year, thousands of refugees flee oppression around the world and are resettled in America. To help them avoid the trap of poverty, Open Arms employs them at a living wage, using re-purposed t-shirts to create one-of-a-kind products you'll enjoy.

Click here to buy the Jaqualina Infinity Scarf.


Click here to buy the Claudina Black Skirt.

  • PRE-ORDER - Chicken baby/toddler leggings from LaraCasey. ALL profits from these chicken leggings will go to Heifer International, an organization dedicated to ending world hunger and poverty by donating chicks (and other livestock) to families across the globe.

Click here to pre-order chicken leggings.

  • Mossy Rock Design Prints - 20% of my earnings from Etsy sales go towards buying diapers, formula, etc for orphanages in Ethiopia.

Click here to buy Little Friends 10 x 10 print.

  • Handmade African throw pillow Feed the All proceeds provide food, clean water, and medicine to children in need.

Click here to buy handmade African throw pillow.
  • Red strands necklace from Project Hopeful. Proceeds help fund adoptions of HIV positive children.

Click here to buy Red Strands necklace.

  • 147 Million Orphan baseball tee from Project Hopeful. 

Click here to buy Project Hopeful t-shirt.

  • Handcrafted bead from recycled magazines A Hope is a Christian job creation ministry empowering the disadvantaged and those suffering from HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

Click here to buy Handcrafted Beaded Necklace.

  • Hope Bag from Freeset, where you and I can find beautiful, well-crafted products while simultaneously fighting human trafficking.

Click here to buy the Hope Bag.

  • Seble Scarf from LiveFashionABLE. They create sustainable business for Africans.

Click here to buy the Seble scarf.

  • Tigist clutch purse from LiveFashionABLE. FashionABLE products are named after a woman whose life has been changed because of your purchase.

Click here to buy Tigist clutch.
  • Kalkidan wallet from LiveFashionABLE. Handmade in Ethiopia // 100% Ethiopian leather

Click here to buy Kalkidan wallet.

  • T-shirt designed by an orphan feeds an orphan for 1 month. Siphamandia Hiabisa, an orphan from South Africa, designed this shirt sold by Common Threadz. This design is sold on jackets, long sleeve tees, kids tees, and gowns as well. 

Click here to buy t-shirt.

  • Leather Traveler bag from Red Earth Trading Company. Made in Uganda. Red Earth Trading Co. was founded in 2010 with the mission of creating a brand that is as life changing as it is fashionable. Not only are our artisan families and communities benefiting from the work, but we also give 5% of every purchase to sustain the community development work of Know Think Act.

Click here to buy the Leather Traveler Bag.
  • Red Ugandan paper bead cuff bracelet from Funky Fish Designs. - helps HIV positive widows in Uganda. They are created by a group of HIV+ widows and single mothers in Mukono, Uganda. We chose red because it is the signature color for Aids awareness.

Click here to buy beaded bracelet.

  • Hanging Art Bird Feeder from The Hunger Site. Every purchase fights famine in the horn of Africa and combats hunger in the United States. This purchase funds 50 cups of food.

Click here to buy hanging bird feeder.

  • Fluttering Butterflies Gear Toy from The Hunger Site. Every purchase fights famine in the horn of Africa and combats hunger in the United States. This purchase funds 25 cups of food. They have lots of preschool toys.
  • Bake & Decorate Cupcake Play Set from The Hunger Site. Every purchase fights famine in the horn of Africa and combats hunger in the United States. This purchase funds 50 cups of food.

Click here to buy cupcake toy.

  • Micro Cars Carrying Case Playset from The Hunger Site. Every purchase fights famine in the horn of Africa and combats hunger in the United States. This purchase funds 50 cups of food.
Click here to buy micro cars toy.
  • Grey Scoop-Neck Tee + White Blanket Design from Neary on Raven and Hand-printed in Cambodia, these eco-friendly shirts are made with remnant, natural-dyed jersey cotton by HIV positive and formerly trafficked women. In addition to providing sustainable economic opportunities, Raven + Lily returns proceeds to fund healthcare and literacy programs for the women and children in this community.

Click here to buy Tee.

  • Mango + Grapefruit Candle from Silver Lake on Raven and This soy candle is hand-poured by women at the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles. Raven + Lily is proud to support their efforts to provide creative job skills to previously homeless women. 

Click here to buy candle.

  • Hand loomed Cotton Scarf from 14:Hope. Made in Addis Abba, Ethiopia. Proceeds go to orphan care and prevention in Ethiopia.

Click here to buy scarf.