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Guess Wot his my new favorite food? You're Shiro to guess it Tibs Ethiopian!

Driving into DFW last night, it was just about dinner time.  After letting my parents know we were about an hour away from their house for our Thanksgiving week visit, I asked James if he wanted to do something crazy and go eat Ethiopian food.  Why not?  

We headed east on 114 toward Dallas to try a restaurant that gets it's name from the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.  I had searched out the Ethiopian restaurant with the best Urbanspoon rating, a 92% out of 210 votes is extra good.  Make that 211 vote, because I just gave it a thumbs up.

Here is what we ordered.  I'm still not sure what menu item name went with each dish on our platter, but I liked ALL of it!
1. TASTE OF ETHIOPIA                               
Lamb tibs with Doro Wot, (C1), Yebeg Alitcha (L1), Shiro and Gomen (V1,V5)

3. HALF AND HALF                                    
Combo of Siga Tibs (B7) and Quanta firfir (B1) or Kitfo (B2)

Lucy, James, and I got our own plate of rolled up injera bread, and we all dug in.  

Gabe ate a little from my bread and pieces of meat, which he called "chicken nuggets."  Andrew chickened out with his chicken spaghetti, which James assures me is actually something eaten quite often in Africa (except usually with fish instead of chicken.)  He braved up right before leaving and tried a few bites off the platter.

James has eaten at an Ethiopian restaurant in a cave (he insists it was in a cave, I know that sounds crazy) in South Sudan.  He also ate in an Ethiopian restaurant in a hotel in South Sudan.  Flying to South Sudan, they had a layover in Ethiopia, and they ate there.

So I was curious to know if what we were eating was comparable to the African food he ate in Africa.  His verdict.  Yes.  He said it was if the guy in the cave could have had access to better sources of fresh groceries, they would have been exactly alike.  The only difference, besides the freshness of the food, was that the meat was less gamey.

Pretty table covering.
I felt so excited to finally have a little piece of Ethiopia tangibly setting in front of me.  I was enamored with smelling everything.  I have been reading and dreaming of Ethiopia since March, and now I could see, smell, taste a little piece of it.  It was lovely.  It is nothing compared to that day in our future when we get to step off a plane, God willing, and meet a little boy who will join our family, but it was something.  Bless that food, God!  Thank you, Lord.