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Fingerprints are Done (Barely)

Monday we had our fingerprinting appointment in Lubbock.  As soon as the USCIS processes them, they will mail us our last form needed to send in our dossier.  It is so exciting to be this close to having our DTE (dossier to Ethiopia.)

I didn't know what to expect at the fingerprinting appointment.  They had a machine that scans your fingerprints.  They had trouble getting three of my fingerprints to scan.  The man opperating the machine asked me if I used a lot of cleaning supplies like bleach.  I told him I would let my husband know that I've been doing too much cleaning and I need to let him take that over so I can hang onto my fingerprints.  The man operating the machine finally gave up on me and brought his boss in to finish taking my fingerprints.  After many, many tries, she finally got them to scan.

We all learn that our fingerprints are unique as children, but it still amazes me to think that a few lines on such a small area of our body can identify us.  God's design is astounding.

After our appointment, we decided to take the boys to a few of our favorite kid places in Lubbock.  Lucy had to stay in Amarillo for the day so she wouldn't miss her Spanish class.  First, we visited the wooden playground.  The boys had so much fun.  Gabe was especially thrilled to see the wooden train "tunnel."

The tire swing was a big hit.  Gabe repeatedly asked James, "Daddy, is it so fast?"

Next, we went to the Science Spectrum children's science museum.  They had a cute age 5 and under area that they added since the last time we were there.  Gabe had a blast playing in with all the stations designed for little ones.  He played with the water works, grocery store, and music room.  I couldn't help but think how fun it would be to bring our little Ethiopian boy there some day.  

There was the neatest station where the kids could pretend to be a newscaster.  They had a little desk and mic and a screen set up to play stock news footage on a screen behind them.  There was a camera and a monitor so the kids can see themselves on tv.  Gabe was so cute.  He pushed the weather button, which brought up maps on the screen behind him.  Every time Gabe sees a map, he always says, "That's Africa."  (I guess we talk a lot about Africa at our house.)  So he leaned into the mic and said, "I've been to Africa."  This was definitely news to me from my little newscaster.  My camera on my phone wasn't cooperating with me.  I got it to record just about the time Gabe lost interest and ran away.  You'll just have to trust me that he was too cute.  The cuteness overload is probably what caused my phone to refuse to work.

Here's what my guys would look like if they were not tall.  

I'm thankful for our fun day trip with our boys to Lubbock, and I'm looking forward to the day we can have one more boy to enjoy fun days with.

If you are wondering what you can do to help with our adoption:
1. Pray we will have all our money together in the next few weeks.  We have to mail a $8,150 check with our dossier.

2.  We have a Christmas decoration fundraiser coming up.  I am hoping to have the details together to post it here by the end of the week.  So be watching for that.

3.  Coffee makes a great Christmas present, and a percentage of your purchase goes to our adoption.

God Bless!