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Garage Sale Thank You

Huge thank you to everyone who brought us stuff for our garage sale fundraiser.  I'm happy to report that we raised $1,200!  I'm so excited to put that money into our savings, and I am loving being able see God move and provide.

Thank you also to the whole Lusk family for letting us borrow their big driveway.  Their house is the garage sale spot.  We didn't have one lull in traffic all day.  The best part was hanging out with the Lusk kids.  They are all adopted and all extremely precious!  The only downside to having it at the Lusk's house was all the gardening questions I couldn't answer.  Greg Lusk works for the Amarillo Botanical Gardens, and he has a beautiful garden in his yard right next to the driveway.  His garden is flat out amazing, tons of flowers growing with veggies and herbs, with cute little paths and and rustic fence.  Everyone that came up kept asking me about "my" garden.  I wish I could have just showed them my thumb so that they could see how ungreen it actually is.  One man continued a 10 minute conversation with me about his tomato plants even after I told him every way I knew how that I knew nothing about tomato plants (or any other vegatable plants.)

Then their daughter shared a cucumber out of his garden with me.  I've never tasted a cucumber like that before.  It made my store bought cucumbers taste like water.

So maybe next year I'll try to make my thumb just a little green.

It was a great day!

I appreciate all of you that made it possible!