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Someone blogged about me while I was media fasting

A group of ladies and I have been doing a study of Jen Hatmaker's book 7.  Click here to find out more about the book.  For the study, I fasted media this week.  That meant no tv (super sad face), no FaceBook, no Twitter, no unnecessary texting or emails, no radio, and no unnecessary internet surfing. 

Meanwhile, an amazing lady from Dallas named Elie Pitts had ordered one of our signs we are selling as an adoption fundraiser.  She happens to be an event planner that host a super cute wedding blog called  She asked if she could share about our signs and adoption story on The Yes Girls blog.  I said, "Yes!"

Click here to read the blog post about me and our signs.  It's so sweet!  And I am so thankful for her post and her sign order.

Here's the sign we made Elie.  I love it, and I hope she does too!

Made to order wall signs with Bible verses made on reclaimed barn wood.  

The wood is naturally distressed over time.  Every sign will be an original creation.

Email me with your color, verse (up to 22 words), and size (either 42 x 21  inches or 30 x 15 inches.)

Or you can visit our Etsy shop: