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Goodbye Home Study Paperwork & Watch This Video

Today is a special day.  I took my home study paperwork to the post office and mailed it away.  It was more than a half inch thick with about 30 different documents.  If the United States Postal Service loses that envelope, I will never forgive them.  I might even join one of those crazy separatist cults or write my own manifesto.  USPS, for the love, please don't lose my letter.  I felt so weird sticking it into the mail slot.  I've been so protective of these pages.  I've even kept them in plastic sheet protectors.  Now I'm just going to stick them in a slot and trust the government?  Ok.  Well, at least I have a tracking number.

I also want to share with you an amazingly uplifting story I found on my adoption Yahoo group.  This young couple is adopting from Uganda.  They have a referral for a little boy, and they are trying to raise their last bit of money to travel in the next few months.  Their names are Anna and David, and Anna has a uniquely wonderful testimony.  

Watch this 8 minute video.  I know you will be BLESSED!

Click here to watch.

Then watch this 4 minute video and give $2.  Come on!  It's $2.  I know they need to raise at least $10,000 more.

Praise the Lord for people like Anna and David.  And praise the Lord that our home study paperwork is done.  Now we will be scheduling our home study interviews and still working on our dossier.