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Fellow Bike Missionary

Wednesday I was feeling so heavy hearted.  I have been reading blogs and message boards about families that have adopted from Ethiopia, and I had begun to worry about all the things that our adopted son will have to deal with when he finally gets to be a part of our family.  I started to worry about God equipping James and me to deal with these problems.  I was starting to think that maybe I had signed up for something a little too crazy.

I decided to meet James for lunch, and as I was picking him up, we saw this guy across the street from Citychurch looking at Citychurch's park.  Of course we are going to go talk to him!

This is Kevin Wooley, and he has biked the cross across 48 states and 20,000 miles.  It was exactly what I needed Wednesday.  I met someone who had an even crazier calling from God, and he has been carrying it out for almost 3 years now.  Meeting him was a little glimpse into what it would have been like to come in contact with John the Baptist's locus and honey breath.  His testimony lifted my heart, and I was humbled to have him pray for our church outreach and church family.

Then Wednesday night, I got to get on a bicycle and be a bike missionary myself.  I went out with the Citychurch youth (my favorite bike missionaries) and canvased a new neighborhood that we are going to add to our summer lunch routes.  We went door to door on our bicycles introducing families to Citychurch by giving their kids a free ice cream.  (Not those cheesy popsicles that you get from Wal-Mart either.  We bought them from a real ice cream truck.  You know the good kind, with gumball eyes.)

(My beautiful niece Alexis handing out ice creams with Citychurch Wednesday.)

(The kids loved the ice creams.  I hope to see this face at Citychurch's Bible school this summer.)

God is faithful to remind me that as long as I am willing to step out in faith, that He is there to equip me to do His work.  Pray for me.  This journey is going to be a daily battle against worry.  I am going to need to put on His armor every morning.

And check out Kevin Wooley's website  I know it will bless you.