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Eternal Family Program

As we begin the paperwork phase of our adoption, we are so thankful that you have joined us on this journey by reading our blog and praying for us and our child.  I cannot imagine what our little boy is doing in Ethiopia right now.  I pray his needs are being met, and that God puts hope in his heart that a mom and a dad are working hard to adopt him into his eternal family.

When God gave us the command to adopt, we jumped in with both feet.  We were not deterred by the large amount of money that would be required because we knew that God would provide for His calling.  God has already provided the application fee and the initial deposit, but this is just the beginning.  We are looking forward to seeing how God continues to provide throughout the whole process.

God may be prompting you to be a blessing financially.  If you feel led to donate to our adoption, you would be a huge part of our adoption story.

Our agency, America World Adoption, has a program called the "Eternal Family Program" which enables family and friends to contribute toward the cost of our adoption. Of course, we present this to you as an opportunity and not an obligation.  If you feel led, America World will accept contributions on our behalf and will provide a letter or email to you which will substantiate that the funds have been received by America World.  Regarding tax deductibility, America World suggests that the amount claimed as a tax deduction, if any, should be discussed with a tax professional.

Credit card contributions can be made online at and the “Notes” section should be used to identify our family.  Just select “Eternal Family Program” from the Fee section drop-down menu, and type “James and Jennifer Lane” in the “Notes” field.

Thank you for considering donating to our adoption.  We understand that not all are led to give financially, but we do ask everyone to join us in prayer through this process. 

We cannot wait to bring our little guy home.

God Bless, 
James and Jennifer Lane