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Can I Take a Nap in Your Daughter's Hair?

I had emailed home school mom Pam Cavitt asking her if she could just share some information with me about adopting form Africa, but she wanted to do more than that.  She offered to get our whole families together at her church playground so that moms and dads could talk while the kids played.  I was so excited to hear their adoption story and all the wisdom they could share with us.  We set up a time to meet, and I knew the next step would be talking to our kids about the adoption. 

We had signed our whole family up to attend the Voice of the Martyr's conference the next weekend.  After hearing missionary stories from different parts of the world all morning, we were taking a lunch break, and I though it would be a good time to talk to Lucy and Andrew.  We had a desire for this adoption to be an opportunity for our children to experience God and be able to grow and serve Him as well.  We asked them how they would feel about having a new little brother that we would adopt from Africa.  Andrew's response was shaking his head in a vigorous yes motion.  Lucy was on board with the idea too.  To my relief, they both were as excited as we were.  Lucy looked at her prayer journal from the night before we told her, and she had written herself the message, "Be ready for what God calls you to do."

We met with Pam, her husband Wade, their daughter Abby, and their newly adopted three year old son.  Pam and Wade also have two teenage boys.  Abby is now six, and she was adopted from Ethiopia as an infant.  She is beautiful, and she had the most luxurious, prefect, long braids of gorgeous black hair.  I've seen a lot of African-American hair serving in inner-city ministry at Citychurch.  This hair was beyond above par.  As we followed her down the hall, all I could think is that her hair looked so soft that I wanted to just cuddle up in those symmetrically lined out braids.  I kept my thoughts to myself and left the sweet six year old alone.  After all, we had just met these people, and I didn't want to seem too crazy.  (You have to be a little crazy to want to go half way across the world to get a new kid, OR home school, OR be in the ministry.  So I will admit to being a little crazy.)

Pam and Wade did share some books and websites with us, but they also shared how God had put adoption on both of their hearts while Pam was away from home one weekend.  They shared how God had lead them to adopt from Ethiopia, and be guinea pigs in the pilot program for America World Adoption's first few adoptions from Ethiopia.  They shared how God had provided the finances to fund the adoption in miraculous ways, and that international adoption is possible, even on a church salary. 

We were so fueled on by the Cavitt's encouragement, that we left that meeting, we were ready to jump in with both feet.  We knew God had told us Africa, but Africa is a big continent.  Which country were we suppose to adopt from?  That is what we needed to figure out.  We got home and started praying. 

(Isn't Abby adorable?  Hmmm.  If we end up with a 6 year old boy.....  I wonder how Pam feels about arranged marriages.)

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